July 9, 2024


Psalm 34:8-10 - Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him! Oh, fear the Lord, you his saints, for those who fear him have no lack! The young lions suffer want and hunger, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.


In Psalm 34:8-10, David invites us to experience the goodness of God for ourselves. He encourages us to "taste and see" that the Lord is good, emphasizing that this goodness can only be truly known through personal encounter. Just as we interact with the physical world through our senses of taste and sight, David suggests that faith is like a spiritual sense that allows us to interact with the spiritual reality of God's goodness. David declares that those who take refuge in God and fear Him with proper reverence will be blessed and lack nothing. He contrasts this with the image of young lions, powerful creatures who still suffer hunger. The point is clear - even the strong and mighty will know lack, but those who seek the Lord will not lack any good thing. This doesn't mean that the righteous will never face hardship. In fact, David acknowledges that the righteous may face many afflictions. However, he also affirms that God will ultimately deliver them. The key is to continually seek God and trust in His goodness, even in the midst of trials. David's words echo the wisdom literature, which promotes the fear of the Lord and obedience to His ways as the path to life and blessing. While not a guarantee against all adversity, walking in God's wisdom protects us from unnecessary hardships that come from sin and folly. Ultimately, this psalm is an invitation to a lived experience of God's goodness that goes beyond intellectual knowledge. It's a call to "taste" of the Lord's goodness - to engage fully in relationship with Him and His ways. As we do, we will discover the truth that God is indeed good, and that a life seeking after Him is a blessed life, even with its challenges. We will find that God is faithful to provide all we truly need as we trust in Him.


The invitation to "taste and see that the Lord is good" in Psalm 34 is a powerful call to experience God's goodness personally. Too often, our faith can remain in the realm of the intellectual, a matter of affirming certain truths or doctrines. But David reminds us that the goodness of God is meant to be tasted, seen, and encountered in a real, life-altering way. This involves more than a superficial sampling of God's goodness. The word "taste" suggests fully engaging with God, drinking deeply of His love and grace. It's an invitation to an intimate, transformative relationship, not just a distant acknowledgment of His attributes. As we truly taste and see, we discover that God is indeed good. We experience His faithfulness, His provision, His care and protection. Even when we face trials and hardships, we can trust in His ultimate goodness and deliverance. But tasting God's goodness also requires a posture of reverence and seeking. David links the experience of God's goodness with the fear of the Lord and seeking Him continually. It's not a casual or convenient spirituality, but a wholehearted pursuit of God. The promise for those who do seek Him is that they will lack no good thing. This is not a guarantee of an easy, trouble-free life. The righteous may still face many afflictions. But it is a promise that God will be with us, that He will sustain us, and that He will provide what we truly need. It's noteworthy that David contrasts those who seek God with the image of young lions who still suffer hunger. Even the powerful and self-sufficient will face lack, but those who depend on God will find satisfaction. It's a picture of the sufficiency we find in God alone. In a world filled with pursuits that ultimately leave us empty, Psalm 34 invites us to seek the only true source of goodness and fulfillment - God Himself. It's an invitation to move beyond simply knowing about God, to actually tasting and experiencing His goodness in a profound way. As we accept that invitation and seek God wholeheartedly, we will find that He is faithful. We will taste of His goodness and discover that a life centered on Him is the most blessed life possible. In the midst of life's challenges and uncertainties, we can take refuge in the God who is unfailingly good, and who promises to be with us and provide for us as we trust in Him.


Gracious God, thank You for the invitation to taste and see Your goodness. Forgive us for the times we have settled for a superficial faith, for knowing about You without truly encountering You. Draw us into a deeper experience of Your goodness and love. Give us hearts that seek You above all else, that long to dwell in Your presence and walk in Your ways. In the midst of life's trials and hardships, help us to trust in Your unfailing goodness and faithfulness. Thank You for the promise that as we seek You, we will lack no good thing. Help us to find our satisfaction and sufficiency in You alone. Sustain us by Your grace, and provide for our needs as we journey through this life. May our lives be a testimony of Your goodness, drawing others to taste and see for themselves. And may we continually live in reverent fear and wholehearted pursuit of You. We pray this in the name of Jesus, the perfect embodiment of Your goodness and love. Amen.

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Beneath the oak's embrace, we taste God's grace - A feast for the soul, a refuge from life's race.

Beneath the oak's embrace, we taste God's grace -
A feast for the soul, a refuge from life's race.

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