March 23, 2024


Proverbs 14:23-24 - In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty. The crown of the wise is their wealth, but the folly of fools brings folly.


This Bible passage from Proverbs discusses the value of work and warns against idle talk. It states that labor and toil lead to profit, while mere idle chatter leads to poverty (v. 23). The passage goes on to say that the crown of the wise is their wealth or riches (v. 24). This suggests that the fruits of one's labor are a reward for the wise. However, folly leads the foolish into further folly. The passage connects being wise and hardworking with prosperity, while connecting laziness and empty talk with poverty. There are a few key principles we can draw about work: 1. All labor contains inherent value and leads to some kind of profit or fruit, even if not financial (v. 23). 2. Work should be accompanied by wisdom. Mindless toil or chatter that distracts from your work leads nowhere (v. 23). 3. There is dignity, purpose, and blessing to be found in all types of good and honest work before God (v. 23). 4. The rewards of work go beyond merely financial - they build godly character, wisdom, dignity, purpose, etc. (v. 24). 5. We reap what we sow - wisdom and labor lead to blessing, while folly leads to further folly (v. 24). Overall, this passage challenges us to see work as something with great purpose, value, and reward according to God's principles. Our work should be accompanied by wisdom, focus, honesty, and avoidance of idle chatter or distraction. All good work contains profit when done to the glory of God.


This passage cuts through much of the cultural confusion about work and challenges some of the worldly attitudes many of us adopt. God's Word makes clear that work is inherently meaningful and dignified, leading to spiritual and material profit and blessing. It is not merely a necessary drudgery we must suffer through to survive. When we understand work through God's perspective, we can approach our jobs, careers, duties, and labors with a renewed sense of purpose and calling. We work not merely for our own benefit but for God's glory and to bless others. This transforms work from drudgery to high and holy calling. Even menial tasks done with the right heart and motives take on spiritual significance. This truth challenges me to check my attitude and perspective in my daily work. Do I see the profit, value, and dignity in what I do each day? Or do I adopt the world's attitudes of working merely for material gain or comfort? God's Word reminds me that as His child, I work for a higher purpose - to glorify Him, grow in godly wisdom and character, provide for my needs, and be a blessing to others. My work has inherent profit that goes far beyond the world's measures of success or material gain. This passage also warns me against idle chatter and distractions that take me away from focusing on my work. Do I get caught up in empty talk, gossip, or distraction that leads my work astray? Or do I maintain godly focus and wisdom in carrying out my daily labor? There is a time for rest and relationship, but I must be careful not to let that become an excuse for laziness, foolishness, or lost productivity. As one created in God's image for work and purpose, this passage challenges me to embrace a mindset of wisdom, dignity, focus, honesty, and high calling in all that I do, to the glory of God.


Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of meaningful work and the truth that all labor contains profit and purpose. Forgive me when I adopt the world's low perspective of work, seeing it as drudgery instead of high calling. Renew my mind to see work as You see it - as opportunity to glorify You, serve others, grow in godly wisdom and character, and provide for my needs. Help me labor with focus, honesty, excellence and an eternal perspective, keeping Your glory and purposes at the center. May my work bring You praise as I find profit daily in all You have called me to. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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Focused work bears fruit; idle talk leads nowhere.

Focused work bears fruit; idle talk leads nowhere.

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